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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update: Summer List

Remember my idea to create a summer list of all the fun things we should do? I thought I would give you a little update about how it's going. Everything in black is something we have accomplished.

* Try new a new food every Wednesday * Blow Bubbles * Read a book every day * Family Picture Day * Play dates * Shoe lace lids * Dance to music * Watch Ballet * Throw Balls in Baskets * Library * Go swimming * Visit Nana & Papa John * Have Grammy & Papaw come visit * Do a "mommy" activity every week * Eat an ice cream cone *

Melody prefers chocolate ice cream.

We've done a little more than half of the things on our list so far! Some things we have "almost" done. For example, Melody has tried new foods (she loves eggs!), but not necessarily every Wednesday. And we don't yet have many balls to play with to throw in baskets, and we have danced and listened to music, but I'm not sure if we've done it at the same time. We did take a family picture recently, but Dad was not exactly ready for it (he had just come in from a run), so I don't really think it counts. (But it is cute.)

Two things that are really important to me on this list are taking a family picture (or several) and doing something fun for myself each week and bringing Melody along. I know the second thing sounds a little self-centered, but really I think making myself put Melody in a car to take her to do something fun just keeps me from staying at home too much. It's just too easy to stay at home and not go anywhere since it's more inconvenient to go out. So really, I think that is about making me still "try" by looking nice and getting out of the house for something enjoyable. I want to be the type of Mom who has things she likes to do, so that a little girl has a mom she looks up to and knows that her mom has interests too.

Some special times we have had so far this summer are all the visits/visiting we have done with family, our trip to the pool last Friday, our stay-cation, and playing in our inflatable kiddie pool in the backyard. And I have loved having so much Melody and Mommy time. It has been a sweet summer.

What special things have you done this summer with your kids? As a family?

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