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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Forming New Habits #3

Week #3 is now complete!

Now, I know for certain that I have never tracked ANY habit for 21 days. And I will hint that week #4 is still going strong- so look out for the grand finale soon! Blogging is really helping me to stay focused on this, and I have to say it feels good!

So here is the chart for week 3. Get ready for a few surprises!

  • This week I got a little more serious about doing my "chore of choice". Last week I only chose a chore to do twice. As you can see, I at least started working on a chore four times.
  • I also started to do laundry five times as opposed to four times last week. I mentioned last week that I realized it would take concerted effort to make these things happen, and the number of times I did these two chores I think shows that I took myself a little more seriously.
  • I also prepped for the next day all the times that I needed to this week.

Things that are the same:
  • The number of days I did both a chore of choice and a load of laundry on the same day was the same (2 days).

Items of significance:
  • I got sick this week. I added it in the chart so you could see how it affected me. I usually never shower when I am sick since illness usually depletes my energy level a lot. Unfortunately though, it almost knocked me off my course with that habit... Almost, but not quite.

I am loving tracking these habits to see how I am doing. And believe it or not, these habits are actually making a difference in my life. The dirty laundry pile in our laundry room/office is slowly diminishing (I should have taken a before and after picture) and we are having clean dishes more often. I am feeling less like a bum around my house, and it feels so good to have taken a serious step toward change.

Can't wait to give the final results about the habits I've formed next week!

Has anyone tried adding a new habit to their lives? How is it going?

Love, Rachel


  1. My new habits are taking vitamins and going to the gym. I have realized finally that if I know "why" I'm doing something, what is the goal I'm much more likely to stick to it!

  2. I agree that understanding "why" provides motivation! However, keeping it in the forefront of my mind is sometimes difficult. But I love your new habits. I bet you are feeling really good with all those vitamins and endorphins! :) Love you!