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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday Randomness

Melody's first birthday was almost 6 months ago, in March. Here are some quirky facts for you.

  • I was due to be born on March 24th, but I came on March 28th.
  • Christian and I got married on March 24th- my due date and the week-end before my birthday. (We knew we wanted to get married in March and that was the only date that the church and reception area were both available.)
  • Melody was born on my due date and our 3rd anniversary- March 24th.

March is a busy month for us!

Would you kill your mom if you shared a birthday with her and she made you dress like this?

I think I will try to keep doing this until she is about 5. I wonder if one day, the fact that we shared a birthday party and wore matching shirts announcing our ages will make her feel bonded to me or embarrassed by me? Or maybe a little of both?

Do you have any random embarrassing birthday memories from your childhood?

Hope you enjoyed a little birthday randomness. :)

Love, Rachel


  1. Love the Birthday pic! You should definitely add more photos of the Par-tay! I would love to see both of your cute faces!!

  2. I'm sure I will post more some time! :)