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Friday, August 26, 2011

Forming New Habits #4

Today, I am checking in with my 4th week of working on new habits! Let's not have a lot of fanfare/chit-chat first, let's just see how it went, shall we? :)


  • The shower habit did not deteriorate in spite of being sick last week. It stayed pretty strong.
  • I at least got started working on my "chore of choice" 5 times this week (and 4 times last week). This means, I have done more chores every week since I started!
  • 5 days of doing laundry means lots of laundry is caught up! Just to clarify the "I" usually mean that I washed and dried, but I didn't necessarily fold and put away. Then one day for my "chore" I actually folded and put away ALL the crazy laundry. :)
  • There were 4 days that I actually accomplished all the habits I was working on in one day (and only 2 times I did that last week). My ability to do that has gotten stronger and stronger!

Other items of interest:

  • I must have been worn out because I did not prep for the next day the night before at all this week! I definitely got up a little earlier on days that I needed to be somewhere, so it all worked out. Overall, I kind of tanked on this habit this week.

So here are the results from the entire 28 days!

  1. Showering- I did this habit 25 out of 28 days! I would say this is officially a habit now.
  2. Laundry- I did this habit (in some capacity) 15 out of 28 days! This habit still needs some work, but it is definitely an improvement.
  3. Do one chore of my choice- I did this habit in some capacity 14 out of 28 days. Again, this is better than it used to be, but still not a true habit.
  4. Being prepared the night before- The results for this one are a little strange since I didn't need to do it every day. The final tally is 5 out of 8 days. In spite of not getting ready the night before some days, I don't think I have a problem doing things that are "externally motivating", it's things that no one sees me do that are the real problem. So I have come to the conclusion that this area probably needs less attention than I thought it did- in spite of the numbers.
Overall, I am totally proud of myself for sticking with the effort and the tracking of these four new habits- even if they aren't all habits quite yet. I am definitely better off than if I had never tried. My laundry pile is almost gone, my living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom can be "presentable" in 20 or 30 minutes (most of that time would be taming the dishes, haha!), and it just feels good to have made it to the finish line of the 28 day mark!

Thanks for joining me in this! I can't express how much of a difference it has made to have a few friends reading along and even sometimes offering words of encouragement.

There you have it, folks! The results of my attempts at forming new habits!

How are you doing with yours?

Love, Rachel

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