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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Oh the Irony...

So I guess you should never write a post about how your goal for the year is to get past survival mode, or life, in it's irony will try to defeat you at every turn.

Shortly after I wrote this post about my grand goals for 2014 our foster son was hospitalized for 5 days due to complications with an illness.  He came home on an n-g feeding tube and refused to take a bottle for a total of nearly two weeks.

Since then we found an opportunity to move to a much larger house for a very affordable house that suits our needs, so we moved two weeks after our foster son's hospital incident. 

After the hospital, Peanut also lost his ability to sleep on his own.  We spent weeks rocking him to sleep for every nap and nighttime snooze as well as night time wakings (which suddenly there were a lot of).  While rocking babies/toddlers is a sweet time, it also presents logistical issues when there are two out of three other children who also need your presence to fall asleep.

We did our best and pushed through though and I'm happy to report that about a month later, Peanut dropped the rocking to sleep thing all on his own and went back to going to sleep with no problems.

Now we are in the midst of birthday season (which also happens to be Blog Anniversary season for Common to Moms also) and I am recovering from a fairly severe corneal abrasion as well as participating in competition season with the dance studio where I teach.

Every second seems full at the moment, which explains why things have been quiet here on the blog.  I will probably continue to be quiet until things settle a bit for us in our new house and through birthday season.  I am still here though and will return to writing as soon as I can.

Until then...