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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forming New Habits Cont'd

Week #2 of working on my four new habits is complete. For two weeks now I have been attempting to do one load of laundry, one chore around the house, take a shower and prepare for the next day the night before every day. Then I am posting how well I did publicly to keep myself on track and accountable. I think that tracking the same habits for more than two weeks may possibly be a record for me. So here is how week #2 has gone.

After reviewing the chart last week and realizing it didn't quite tell the complete story, I decided to add a couple of things to this one. First, I marked any thing I started to do but didn't finish with an "I" for incomplete. Finishing things can be hard for me, so I thought it would help me evaluate how things are going by recording when I tried to start something but didn't complete it. Also, I realized that there are many nights (at least currently) where I don't necessarily need to do anything to get ready for the next day. Instead of looking like I just wasn't doing that habit at all, I added "n/a" to show when it was not needed.

Now, I am able to truly tell when I really fell off the band-wagon with a habit. Here's how this week compares with last week.

Successes: I am still showering every day. By the end of 28 days, I am pretty sure this will be a habit.

Things that are the same: Apparently, I did about the same amount of laundry/other chores from last week to this week. At the beginning of week 2 I had very strong intentions of doing better, but obviously it didn't turn out that way.

Items of significance: See Day #13 there? Notice that I did everything? That day was a turning point for me. Although this may seem obvious, I realized that this was going to take effort to accomplish every day, and since I am serious about wanting to implement change then serious effort is what I should be giving. Hopefully, this realization means that you will get to see a difference on next week's chart. Notice that on Day #14 I was burnt out a little. I actually did so much work around the house the day before plus business work, etc that I had no energy left the next day. I went to bed early that night and felt much better on day #15, which you will read about next week!

Thank you for your support while I work on these habits! I feel very blessed to have a little cheering section in the blog world. :)

Love, Rachel

Have you tried starting any new habits lately?


  1. Good job Rai! Keep it up! I love that you are using your blog as an opportunity to grow. I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND!

  2. I'm really loving all the organization!! I thrive off it, that's why I have to make lists! Thanks for stopping by today! I'm bookmarking your blog!

  3. Hi Britt! Thanks for the encouragement! You know the saying "Make it fun and the job will get done"? I think the blog makes growing in some of these areas more fun :) So it helps!

    I love you too! (And I am checking in over at the bungalow pretty often. You have inspired me... I might even have a mood board of my own to showcase here pretty soon ;) )

    Love, Rachel

  4. Hi Lindsay!

    I am not so great at the organization thing- that's why I am working on it! :) I will keep coming back to your blog to learn from such a good list-maker :)

    See you around! :)