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Thursday, August 18, 2011

House List and Recharging My Batteries

After a long day of watching kiddos, I came home tonight and put my baby in bed, then sat down to do some reading of blogs... which led to writing a post... which led to some browsing on pinterest... which led to some creative flow... and before you now it, the good ole' proverbial batteries are being re-charged!

The timing is off since it is already about 10:30 pm, but I can't help but get excited about the ever growing list of new ideas in my head for things to spruce up this house. After feeling more motivated than ever about caring for our home, here are some ideas (besides getting the place clean) I hope to get to somewhat soon.

A Wreath on the Front Door- I was walking down the street the other day with Melody and noticed a beautiful wreath on the front door of one of the neighbor's houses. I have never been a fan of wreaths- but I liked this one. It inspired me to check out pinterest and see what it would take to DIY one. I think this might be a good holiday project.

A Mirror in the Kitchen- I love this idea from YHL to use a mirror as a dry-erase board. We make so many lists on a tiny calendar dry-erase board on our fridge: grocery lists, honey-do lists, things not to forget lists, what we are eating for dinner lists. I would love to have one big fancy shmancy mirror in our kitchen that we can just write all over!

A Functional Playroom- More on that coming soon!

A New Bathroom Shower Curtain- is this self-explanatory? I really dislike the one we have now. It makes me feel like it's a kids bathroom. I will not even show you a picture.

Fix the Bathroom Ceiling- we were gifted money for this. There is no reason not to call someone in to help us with our paint issue.

Find Cute Bathroom Art- I never know what kind of art should go in the bathroom. I have not yet met a bathroom photo or artwork that I have really loved. It is just an awkward place to have art. Any suggestions? (The pic below made me laugh- but isn't really my cup of tea for in a bathroom either.)

Paint Some Rooms- I have fully decided on the paint colors (or least the general shades) for every room in our house now. What is keeping me from picking some paint swatches, buying some cans of paint and going to it? (Maybe the messy house thing?) Really though, I need to conquer the messy house thing and get to it!

Well, there it is... my "to-do" list of sorts- my ideas for new things to work on in our home. Some are large, some are small. I will be sure to refer back to these list as I make an attempt to take on some of these projects one by one.

What things have you been inspired to do around your home these days?

Love, Rachel

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