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Friday, August 19, 2011

Behind Door #1

This week I cleared some clutter behind this door.

(By the way, welcome to Melody's nursery if you haven't seen it before. )

Are you ready for what's behind door #1? (I am assuming there will be much more closet clutter clearing in the future, so this is just the first one.) I feel like there should be horror movie music in the background for this one.

Doesn't it just look unsafe for Melody to be standing there?

Here's a close-up of the clutter.

This week it was time to pack away all of Melody's 12 month clothes. I know that it looks like mad-chaos in that closet, but there is some method to the madness.

In this bag, I throw in clothes as they become too small for Melody to wear. Eventually, the bag does begin to overflow.

I brought my box to put the 12 month clothing in...

Then I began to use my now tried and true method of sorting like items together. Dresses, jackets, pants, shirts, pj's, etc.

At some point I realized one box wouldn't be enough.

Enter box #2.

I closed up box #1 and marked it with a Sharpie and decided to leave box #2 open in case we find any stray 12 month sized items to add to it. (PS - not sure why Blogger is rotating my picture?!)

The surprise was that in the bottom of the closet, I found this!

So I taped up that box and labeled it, and I wound up with two boxes to go in the attic.

Now there is room in the closet to add these bags of clothes that are too big for Melody right now. (Yay hand me downs!) And the bag is put back ready for me to throw in 18 month clothes as she outgrows them.

One more spot down.

How is your clutter clearing going? Did you notice I was late with my cleaning my clutter spot this week? Oh well, I am still glad that I did it!

Love, Rachel


  1. great work Rachel! Good on you for sticking with the de-cluttering!!! It's hard work forming new habits, and it's great to see you perservering!

    Have you tried putting a box into the closet, instead of the bag, for the 'too small' items? That might save you a step next time...

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Penny! And what a smart idea to save a step with putting the box there first! I will have to go hunt down another box now...