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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Forming New Habits

I mentioned in this post from the other day that I am working on forming some new habits. For the past week I have been attempting to do all of these four things every day: one load of laundry, taking a shower, any one chore around the house, preparing for tomorrow (packing diaper bag, laying out clothes, etc). I have read that the best way to truly change your habits is to track your actions. I have tried that before but tend to get distracted, so I am taking that advice a bit further and posting publicly! This is how my first week went attempting to do these four things every day.

Don't let this chart deceive you, there was some definite progress made in my life. Usually, I struggle to shower every day (and I am not pretty without a shower), but I took some advice from Babywise and implemented "room time" for Melody. We bit the bullet and bought a more expensive baby gate (one with a latch) to put on her doorway, and Melody happily plays in her (baby-proofed) room for 20- 25 minutes while I take a shower most mornings now. I should have done this a long time ago.

Also the whole "prepare for tomorrow" category is deceptive since many days we are just at home and don't really have a need to pack a diaper bag the night before or wear any specific clothes.

The one thing you can definitely tell from this chart, though, is that I dislike housework. However, that is the point in trying to form a new habit- to work on things you don't do well. Now that I have spent a week halfheartedly trying to change my habits, I can see why Fly Lady says it takes 28 days to form a habit for some of us. The first 7 were sort of a bust! (except for the showering thing). With 21 days to go, hopefully there is still a chance for some habit formation. Especially, since I am being held publicly accountable!

So what about you? Are you working to create a new habit in your life? Is there something that made your life easier with children that you wish you had implemented a long time ago?



  1. I wish I was as brave as you in being publically accountable! Good on you for starting. Remember, though, baby steps, and don't let yourself be trapped into condemnation if you fail.

    I failed to establish an early-morning devotion time for many years (which is particularly vital in making life easier with children!), until I very recently let go of the whole 'good Christian=obeying rules' lie, and embraced the battle of flesh against Spirit.

    Now, when I stumble, I know it's not worth beating myself up, for that part of me (the flesh that wants to stay in bed and snooze) is dead dead dead according to Scripture; and God's spirit is alive in me FOREVERMORE! Yay!

  2. Hi Penny! Thanks for those encouraging words. Unfortunately I am a little too "grace oriented" with myself sometimes. I don't usually struggle with guilt- This is one of those time though, I feel like it's time for a change, you know?! Glad to know I have you cheering in my court though!