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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Playroom in the Making?

In our house we have three bedrooms, and I have been giving a lot of thought lately to how they are used. Currently one is the master bedroom, one is Melody's and one is a guest room, but I have been wondering if that is the best use for them. We love having guests have their own special place when they come to visit, but that means our third bedroom is empty most of the time. Our living room is also fairly small, plus we do everything there except eat and sleep, so as time passes I am sure that room is getting smaller (cabin fever anyone?)- not to mention it's getting overrun by toys. My solution? I have been thinking about changing the guest room into a playroom.

There are lots of benefits to having a playroom to me.

1. Kids bedrooms stay uncluttered by toys. (I love the idea that bedrooms are just for sleeping.)
2. Toys all live in one place.
3. I keep children in my home part time, so having an extra room to play in would be nice.
4. Our guest room connects to our office, so M loves to play in there if I have work to do in the office. Currently, there is nothing for her to do in there except run around the bed.

So here is the break down of the switcheroo I am thinking about doing in our house.

The first row is our rooms and their functions now. The second row is what their functions would be with a playroom.

My plan for guests would be to have a spare air mattress (one of those really tall ones maybe?) to blow up in the play room, so that guests would still have their own space when they came to stay with us.

I have also been thinking about how this arrangement would work if we introduced a second child into our family. (We aren't "trying" or anything yet, we've just started thinking about it.) When I think about 2 babies, I love the idea them sharing one room for sleeping and having an extra bedroom be a play area. I know it is hard to have a baby that doesn't sleep through the night yet share a room with a toddler who does, so I have also been thinking about a "transition" plan for that too. This plan would require keeping another crib (we have a 2nd one) or pack-n-play in the play room and a bassinet or pack-n-play in the master bedroom.

*STTN= sleeping through the night

So those are my thoughts on how to best use the bedroom space in our house. Have I confused you yet? Lost you in boring details? Anyone relate that this is what moms who want more babies think about- how to logistically give your kids more room to play and room to sleep in your small home? :)

Look out for more about the playroom soon!

Love, Rachel

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