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There are many common life experiences we share as women, and sometimes life is less than glorious. That’s when we need a little inspiration to get us through the day. Welcome to Common to Moms, where we find motivation for meaningful living on our every-day journey as women, wives and mothers.

About Me

This is me, Rachel, founder of Common to Moms.  I am 29 years old and a bit of a jack of all trades.  Currently, I am a foster parent, part time ballet and dance teacher and writer of this blog.  I studied Dance and French in college and have a passion for traveling overseas and loving people from other cultures. My first love is Jesus, and I am forever in awe of the love he has for an IMPERFECT me. 

Our Family:

Mar 2007- Married my husband, Christian
Mar 2010- Our daughter, Melody, was born
May 2012- Became Foster Parents to Baby Peanut
Feb 2013- Our twins, Georgia & Craig, were born

Our Family Started Small - Florida Vacation Thanksgiving 2011

Please excuse the lack of pictures of Peanut, we cannot post photos of him on the blog (or internet) for legal reasons as foster parents.  We call him Peanut because he was so tiny when he came to us! He was very premature and at 10 weeks old
 came home weighing 5lbs 8oz!  
Christian eating a birthday cupcake.

My amazing three year old, Melody.

The newest additions to our family, Georgia and Craig.

I am extremely blessed with such an awesome family and am amazed 
at how quickly it has grown and multiplied!

So that is a little bit about me! I would love the chance to meet each one of you too!  So feel free to leave a comment on this page and introduce yourself.   

Thank you for stopping by Common to Moms

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