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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Tile Table

Well, for this week of clutter clearing I only have one picture for you. Blame it on the hubby, I felt rushed to do it (he wanted some of the stuff in this spot to be put in the attic ASAP), so I forgot to take pics... until afterward. But before I show you the stunning "after", let me try to remember what was on this table before.
  • A huge plastic tub (or tote if you prefer to call it that) full of ballet leotards, tights and shoes from days gone by.
  • A basket of bibs for M
  • Mail
  • Trash
  • Things to give back to people that we borrowed

The first thing I did was put away all of the mis-placed items. We have a place for "things to return to people" so I put them there. We have a place for mail, so that got taken care of right away. After throwing some things in the trash all that was left was sorting through the big plastic bin of ballet clothes. I need some to use when I teach ballet this fall, but not all of them fit. So I sorted through the bin pulling out leotards, tights, a skirt and "teacher shoes", then back to the attic everything else went! So here is the after! :)

The only thing that remains on that table is the basket of bibs for Melody. She is free to play with the bibs and the basket at anytime, and there really isn't a place for the bibs in the dining room so it just works here. Otherwise there would be nothing on this space. The table is totally in reach of kids, so unless we are okay with it being broken or ripped it just can't be set on top of it!

Behind the table is a baby seat I use for child care. It gets stored there when the little baby is not around and when she is, I can easily pull it out to let her sit in.

So there it is, week #4 of clearing clutter! My living room is looking nicer and nicer. :)

What clutter have you been clearing?

Love, Rachel

PS- I just heard paper-ripping sounds coming from the living room. When I checked on M, she was ripping to pieces some coupons/ads I sat on the table I mentioned. (Fortunately they were basically junk mail.) This proves my point about not being able to leave much there. Haha! This is real life! :)

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