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Friday, August 5, 2011

Primers and Make-up

I am laughing already as I write this post. I know I shouldn't be- I am a beauty consultant after all, but if you knew me (which a lot of you do), you would know that if I don't have to be anywhere I tend to stay in my pajamas a lot. And with the exception of my new habit, I don't even shower during the day unless I am going out in public! Do you see why I am laughing a little to myself now? :)

All that being said, I had the idea in the shower today (see, I am still doing it every day!) to share some of my favorite beauty products/tips. First, let me say I will link you to the products I use. Yes, you can purchase them, but no that is not the point of this post. My point is to share with you what I do in my "beauty routine", in hopes that you might find something awesome for yourself too! You can use any brand you like and it won't hurt my feelings. :) Make-up is a hot topic for most women, after all- so let's talk about it!

Here we go... :)

Have you ever heard of primer? No, I'm not talking about priming before painting the interiors of your home, I am talking about primer for your make-up. This is my number one, absolute favorite product to use. When I discovered it 8 years ago, I was in love. Primer is amazing. Just like primer for your walls, it helps your make-up to go on smoother and stay on longer. Women are notoriously busy, so who really has time to re-apply? And if you do have time, who wants to use it staring at yourself in the mirror? Not this girl!

While it may take an extra few seconds to apply this while putting on make-up, you are definitely saving time in the long run. And you are saving face. Since your face stays looking nicer for longer. So here is the break down of primers that I love to use.

Eye Primer-
This was the first make-up primer I ever discovered. Like I said, I have used it every time I have put on eye shadow for eight years. Does your eye shadow ever crease and wear off? Mine did constantly until I discovered this. It keeps your color from creasing and it keeps it lasting longer. Brilliant.

Oh, and recently I have been using primer and and a cream eye color in one. So easy.

Lip Primer-
Can you guess what this lip primer does? Keeps lipstick on longer! It also keeps the lipstick from traveling up the age lines around your lips (I don't have that problem yet, but I have met people that do.) And oh my goodness, this lip primer is also anti-aging. Who doesn't want to have young looking lips as long as possible? As I long as I am kissing my husband, I will take that please. :)
Side note: Another trick to making lipstick last longer is to use lip liner of a similar shade to your lipstick and fill in your lips with your liner instead of just lining the edges. I do usually reserve this look for some Sundays, special occasions or dates with the hubby.

Foundation primer-
This is the newest primer that I have started using, and oh. my. goodness. Thank you. My mineral powder lasts so much longer now! Applying foundation primer creates a smooth canvas to start, then acts as a magnet to keep foundation on longer. A bonus- it feels like silk.

So there is a little of my "primer love" for you! And there will be more "beauty" posts, I am sure. Ones that scratch the surface and ones that go a little deeper. :)

Have you ever heard of or used a primer? What type do you love?

Love, Rachel


  1. I know nothing about make-up! I wish I knew more. With the start of school ( I am a teacher) I was thinking about trying something new. Perhaps I will look into this primer thing you speak of. ;)

  2. Theresa, you are too funny! I'm glad this is of interest to you! I'll be sure to do another make-up post soon!