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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Decorating and the Redskins

Awhile ago, I made myself a short house list. I love going back to read it because most of the things on it are simple and quick fixes. They remind me that with a little bit of focus, I can really change some things in my house. I haven't done any of these things yet... but just reading the list is inspiring.

I've been keeping this list in the back of my mind though, and even asked the hubby if I could spend $25 on a project for the house this month (I figured that $25 would easily knock out at least one small item on that list).

While I haven't done anything on the list for myself yet, I did manage to make a wreath for my mother-in-law as a birthday gift. It's nothing like what I want to make for myself, but it is a fun fall wreath.

Here's what I used. A Styrofoam/plastic wreath form from Michael's, 2 rolls of wide brown ribbon, colored twine, a pumpkin/foliage stem, 5 ft of berry garland, a roll of ivory ribbon and a box of 100 quilter's T-shaped pins. I forgot to save the receipt, but the whole thing came in at under $30. Not bad for a totally customized wreath!

For this project I used no glue or adhesive at all. Here's what I did...

Step 1. Wrap ribbon around wreath, securing with quilter's pins. (I made sure to put a pin in then cover it with ribbon.)

Step 2. Cut berry garland to fit.

Step 3. Wrap berry garland with colored twine and secure colored twine with quilting pins.

Step 4. Place pumpkin foliage in the right place and wrap stem with colored twine. Secure twine with quilting pins.

Step 5. Use ivory ribbon to create a hook on the top and a bow near the pumpkin foliage.

Estimated time spent- 30 minutes

I figure that if my mother-in-law likes this fall themed wreath, I can always make her a winter one, a spring one, a 4th of July one... well, you get the idea.

Other items of interest. We are Redskins fans at my house. Here is my girl sporting her Redskins jersey for the first time this season.

I just couldn't resist putting a couple of super-cute pictures of her up tonight. Is it just me or is she just too adorable??

Okay... Going back to the house list that I made, I have been paying attention to DIY art on Pinterest. Here are some ones that I have been considering for the bathroom...

Bathroom Art Option #1

Bathroom Art Option #2

And my personal favorite, Bathroom Art Option #3

Of course all the colors, patterns, etc would be totally customizable. So feel free to weigh in and give me your opinion. Which one is your favorite?
And while we're at it, what was the best gift you ever gave your mother-in-law for her birthday? Who is your favorite NFL football team, and did you see the Redskins on Sunday... WOW! :)

Later this week I will have an update on how round 2 of the habits are going and some de-cluttering updates!


  1. Oh - I LOVE the third one too!! Very modern!
    And what a cute little redskin fan!

  2. Hi Lindsay! I think to be honest I love the third one because it is EASY- haha :) I tend to shy away from DIY projects that seem complicated even in the least.

  3. I love the redskin jersey with the white lace skirt it's like she is saying "okay..I'll wear the jersey but I still wanna keep my frilly skirt; let's not get too carried away." I like the first and the third bathroom art photos!:) I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. The first one would not be hard. You could do a fun shape with a hot glue gun and then paint over the canvas/hot glue with white paint!

  5. It's funny that you say that about the skirt, Brittany, that's kind of what I was going for- haha. She wore the skirt to church and later I changed her into pants (you can see that in the pics). I like your take on the first piece- you are right! That would be so easy! The tutorial for that one suggests mod podge (which I don't have) and a few other steps which gets a little too crafty for me... I like your way better! :)