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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dining Room Corner

And now for more in the decluttering adventures...

There is a corner in my dining room that has become a true clutter spot. You know the clutter that eventually becomes invisible (to you) and you just don't see it anymore? Well, this was such a clutter spot that even my 17 month old daughter (who is into everything) does not notice it anymore.

Here it is:

And close up:

The spot started out as a stack of cook books that lost their home when I moved a bookshelf around. Then it grew to include other random items... leftover plates, napkins, candles, silverware from a baby shower, fabric, ribbons, thank you cards and books... and a bag of things I'm not going to keep.

Here are some visuals:

So after throwing things away and sorting like piles together, I was left with this:

I put everything else away and managed to find the cook books a new home...

And now my corner looks like this!

Don't you just breathe easier now? I do...


  1. Would you like to come declutter the corner of my room... I can't even begin to tell you what has acculumated there.

  2. lol! I love you Meghan... Maybe if we lived closer I could help you out, but if you want to take pictures and write a little about it, you could always "Guest Post" on the blog! :) How are you doing??

  3. Well, I just found my camera, but it appears to be broken. (or all the batteries I found are really dead... unfortunately I can't think of any other battery powered objects nearby to determine which is the case) So in the spirit of not procrastinating anymore, I am cleaning my room, sans documentation... but imagine a bench full of clean clothes, linens, papers, books, and various other random items... with overflow piles of books and papers nearby... in a second area a pile of dirty clothes beside a basket of clean unfolded clothes, and a bags of things that used to be strewn throughout the house or in my car.... now the desk area that has dishes, water bottles with various amounts of water, a pile of things in the chair that moves from there to the bed depending on which i last occupied, and an overflow pile of paper and books... and some random pairs of flip flops and clothes throughout... that is my room.... all these objects have homes, but they do not occupy them right now.

  4. mission accomplished. if it would stop raining i would clean the car...

  5. Go Meg-O! :) Your room sounds like all the rooms I've ever had, haha! Sounds like you did a great job to clean everything up that quickly! Oh and the fact that all of those items have homes is great. That is my main issue, I never learned how to give every item a home.