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Friday, February 17, 2012

It's a Woman's Prerogative...

to change her mind... right?

The past couple of nights I have laid awake unable to fall asleep and among the countless ideas, problems and items to put on a to-do list that roam through my mind while I lay in bed, I keep coming back to the topic of the curtains in our living room.

I haven't received the swatches of dupioni silk that I ordered from The Online Fabric Store yet, and I just can't stop wondering if the whole stripes thing is going to work in our living room... or the orange thing for a matter of fact... or the fact that dupioni silk is $18/yd. I'm also worried that the silk is going to look too formal against the rest of our very not formal furnishings.

And then there is this very laid back, fun fabric that takes me back to thinking about my college days that is on sale at Jo-Ann's Fabric. A linen blend... $5.19/yd and I have a 10% off coupon for President's Day week-end. And I think it would blend right in with a new color scheme for our living room. I think it would feel fun, light-hearted and finished. Looking at this fabric just makes me smile!