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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Living Room Transformation

2 posts in one day. I know, I am insane :) I got bit by the blogging bug I guess. Feel free to comment on either one.

I think every woman has a little bit of DIY in them. I am responsible for every painted wall in our house. (I heart painting!)

I stumbled across some "before" photos of our living room and dining room in our house, so I thought I would share a big reveal. (Big reveals are my favorite!) I did these rooms quite awhile ago (while I was pregnant with Melody). But I thought it would be fun to share anyway. Here is the living room!

it looks nice and clean but, oh the terrible nothing but white, white, white everywhere!

the color is Olympic Paint "Blue Persuasion"
btw: not sure why there is a dark red throw on the couch- it definitely
doesn't go with the room and does not live in our living room currently!
also the color isn't great because these pictures are taken at night,
during the day it is so bright and nice!

White walls, white furniture, white carpet- ack!!!

chairs are from TJ Maxx (and the sewing machine
doesn't usually live in the living room either :) ).

here is a close up of the bookshelf


To live in this much non-color drained the life out of you!

Here is the much better "after"!!
we don't have a coat closet in our living room,
so I made a functional entry way!

the coat rack and basket are from TJMaxx
The dresser is from my bedroom in my parents house
The art on the wall is from Christian's grandmother
The mirror is from Ross

I love using dressers in entryways!
So functional and beautiful!

Do you love to decorate and paint rooms as much as I do?
Do you have a favorite room you have done or re-done?

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