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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Simplify

While I have been spending more time browsing creative ideas online lately, I have come across some amazingly inspiring blogs in the last week or so.

After having emotional chaos in my home for two months, I feel pretty desperate to make my home as peaceful as possible. I want the outside to reflect (and influence) the inside of me if at all possible. You know, the "your outside reflects your insides" kind of thing. I want there to be peace in both places.

There is something about having all of your time not belong to you for awhile that makes you realize how much time you really have when it is given back to you.

I no longer think that I don't have enough time to work on decluttering and organizing. Yes, almost every room in my house needs some serious attention. But yes, it will be well worth the effort if I give my home the attention it needs.

Enter simplemom.net.

On her website, I found her challenge to simplify one spot in your home each week for her spring cleaning she does each year. Kind of like my own challenges to declutter one spot in our home each week- except I don't have a cool button like her. :)

(imagine her cool button here, that I cannot get to work because I am not computer savvy enough :-/ )

I am going to join with simple mom and continue decluttering my house, but I will be trying to conquer bigger tasks than I was doing previously. For example, this week I will be working all week on clearing out our bedroom closet. I wanted to start somewhere else but am realizing that storage is a major issue in our 1940's house. There are three bedroom closets, one linen closet (sort of), and ZERO closets for the rest of the house. I know that if I can begin to clear the clutter in our bedroom, then as I go through the rest of the house finding things that need appropriate storage it will be nice if there is actually room to put them away.

Then there is this website: smallnotebook.org where the author's name is Rachel also.

This blog is special. I am telling you. Rachel writes with such heart- I didn't know it was possible for one person to write so many inspiring posts. Each one gives you the sense that you are gleaning a little golden nugget of timeless truth. Each time I read something, I want to put it away in a special place where I can come back and read it over and over (I guess that's why her blog is there though :) ). She has got me thinking about some storage solutions for my small house and about living frugally and with focus.

Then there is Jen over at I heart organizing. This post, made me realize that I don't just need to de-clutter things, I also need to figure out what my real problem in an area is v. just cleaning it up. If I actually find a (cheap) solution to fix the lack of organization then maybe I won't have to keep coming back to this same place of being overwhelmed by the messy trail I can't seem to help but leave behind me. Maybe I can change my messy trail to a cute organized trail... Maybe?

What areas of your home or your life need addressing? Which do you think you will address first?

Join me on Friday to see my bedroom closet all organized!


  1. Love your new profile picture. :) I may ask you for some tips about organizing if I get stumped ;)