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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Twins & Diapers & Super-Pregnant

You would not believe how many things are rolling around in my head (okay maybe you would) as I think about how on earth we will get prepared for these twins. 

Thoughts about childbirth for twins (want to try to attempt a natural delivery), wondering if I should re-take birth classes at our local hospital, thinking about all of the things to organize and clean, paint, etc... and diapers!

This is one thing I think I've finally made a decision about.  Right now my two kids are currently in disposable diapers.  Hopefully Melody will potty train sometime soon and there will be no more diapers for her (she is approaching three years old in March) and with my foster son, he has so many doctor's appointments and family visits, etc, I have just never found the motivation to switch him over to cloth.  I am also buying clothes for him as I go along and we all know (if you have done cloth) that clothes need to be bigger to fit cloth diapers and I haven't been able to coordinate buying bigger clothes with a time I can also do the necessary laundry to switch him over to cloth.

When I think about what is coming down the pipe with twins (3 kids for sure in diapers, possibly 4!) I just can't imagine cloth diapering all of them.

But the idea of PAYING for HUNDREDS of diapers per week has me shaking in my boots a little too.

So we are headed right down the middle.

I just got done ordering a dozen more prefolds, 2 cute coordinating Thirstie duo covers (they are my favorite!), and some snappies for the twins.

Yep, I am going to cloth diaper twins right from the beginning and let my other two kiddos continue on in disposables as we have been doing.  This way I am not overwhelmed by dirty diaper laundry (or the idea of changing 3-4 cloth diapers in a single outing) OR by the amounts of money we would be spending on disposable diapers for 4 kids.

Maybe I am overly optimistic, but I also hope to feel MUCH better after these twins are born, so that I am not intimidated by the laundry situation for four children and two in cloth diapers. 

I am chalking up my lack of laundry skills at the moment to being pregnant, having been VERY busy the last six months and still busy even now and being super-pregnant. 

In fact, that is what I think I'm going to refer to being pregnant with twins as from now on.  When you are pregnant with multiples, you aren't just pregnant.... you are SUPER pregnant.  :)  It's akin to having a super hero power.  In fact, I think handling pregnancy is a super power no matter who you are or how many babies you are having!   

Okay, off to be a super hero momma of the twin baking variety.  Donning my cape to handle some laundry for a family of four while Baby Peanut naps.  Here's hoping he stays asleep long enough for me to accomplish sorting and starting a load!



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