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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Do you have an annoying GPS that talks to you?  You hear that woman (or man's) voice after you drive past the turn you should have taken calling out to you "Recalculating..." and then they suggest a U-turn or a redirection.  This is where I am in my life.  Chaos has taken over and swung me quickly down the road in a direction I never wished to go.

At the beginning of this year, I was sure that I would get to work hard to make life a little more simple, a little more manageable.  Apparently, that was wishful thinking...

It has been non-stop crisis after crisis, chaotic event after chaotic event since then.

I am definitely not going to chronicle all of those events here, but I am writing to say, "hello!" and that I miss writing. I cannot believe it has been seven months since I have posted!  Writing is always so cathartic for me and I have truly missed it lately.

As I have read over some of my previous posts, a list from this post stood out to me...

My list of changes to make in 2014.
1. Return to pumping and quit using formula (as much as possible) for the twins for the times I am not around or they need a supplement.
2. Get serious about saving money for a down payment on a new house. 
3. Take time to unplug from the TV and the computer more often.
4. Make our home organized and presentable.  (Clear out the clutter that has accumulated from being pregnant and adjusting in life and finally get good- or at least better- at cleaning and tidying.)
5. Make myself organized and presentable. (Return to making lists, wearing make-up at least occasionally, wearing real clothes rather than house clothes, etc)
6. SLEEP MORE and choose health over convenience.
7. Take time for God, service to others and fellowship with my church community.
8. Spend more time with Christian.
9. Get out of the house!! Both alone and with the whole family. 
10. Find more ways to stay positive and relaxed.
11. Let go of mommy guilt!
12. Prioritize items of importance on my to-do list, not just the urgent ones.

I quite literally don't know that I have achieved or even had a chance to focus on even one of these goals this year so far.

The first item on the list can be crossed off as I was forced to quit nursing this summer when I had to take antibiotics that I could not take while breastfeeding.  The rest of the items I have not even thought about.  It has been a difficult year.

If I look closely though, I think I can boil those 12 items into three main areas that I want to really improve upon. 

1.Take Good Care of Myself
2.Be Mindful in the little things
3.Prioritize Faith, Family, Work and let the rest go...

Maybe I can start simplifying my life by simplifying the goals I have for myself. :-)

Have you taken time to evaluate your life lately?  To refocus your energy and heart on the things that are worth your attention?  Have you kept any New Years Resolutions?  Had some that didn't work out?  Feel free to share here!

In His Grace,

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