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Sunday, September 6, 2015

What a difference a year makes...

Wow.  I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I have posted.  So much has changed in that time frame.

In the last year, all of the kids have gotten a year older (obviously) and I can sincerely say that I am coming out of that "survival mode" place (or at least I feel like that today!).  Having four kids so close in age is still incredibly hectic and overwhelming at times, but what once felt impossible is now becoming a little less so as each of the kids develops independence and the ability to walk, feed themselves and communicate.  Even Peanut who is behind on some of these skills is improving- and of course, we have found rhythms that work for our family.  I'm sure people look at our situation and see us as pretty crazy and probably not very put together- but I am getting better and better at handling things as we go along. I even get dressed in real clothes & make up in the mornings and sleep at night occasionally now!

Also in the last year we have adopted Peanut officially (woo-hoo!) and bought a new house.

And now here I am- thinking of how I have missed writing about projects and inspiration and sharing it with others.  So for now at least, I'm back.  I'm hoping to have a whole new slew of things to share with you soon!


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