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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flowers, Diet Coke, Cookies and Ferraro Rocher

I just realized I added another March birthday/anniversary to my life. Not only is my birthday, my daughter's birthday and our wedding anniversary in March, but now Common to Moms Anniversary (Blogiversary!) is in there too!

Here's the run down of how 4 celebrations occur in an 8 day period in our household:

March 20th
Happy Anniversary to Common to Moms!

March 24th
Happy Anniversary to Christian and me! (5 yrs)
Happy Birthday to Melody! (2yrs)

March 28th
Happy Birthday to me! (28 yrs)

My gift to myself is a broken toe. (A couple of days ago I tripped running toward the 30 year mark... that was a [bad] joke.) I really did break my pinky toe on Monday though... It is surprising how much a broken toe really hurts. As I write this, I am realizing this is also my first broken bone... random!

Even though my birthday was today, I still worked baby-sitting during the day and then taught dance tonight (hobbling around in the studio was more like it, tripping some more and generally looking older than my 28 years).

In spite of working, I tried to take some time to enjoy myself by (get ready for another list again) ...

* making chocolate chip walnut oatmeal cookies with one of the kids while the other little ones napped away. (recipe found here)
* made a banana smoothie for lunch
* made a diet coke ice cream float during kids naps
* getting surprise flowers and Ferraro Rocher candies from my husband after he got home from work.
* reading all the Happy Birthday messages on Facebook
* getting an impromptu Birthday serenade from the girls at the dance studio and lots of phone calls and text messages from friends! (Thank you, friends!)
* choosing books off of amazon to order with birthday money from my parents. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) I think I am buying 8 or so?

All in all, it was a great birthday.

Thank you to everyone for making it a great day! Thank you to God for making bananas that made my smoothie and all the ingredients to make those cookies, the makers of Diet Coke and Ferraro Rocher, Facebook and of course my wonderful husband, my daughter and all of my friends!

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