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Friday, March 23, 2012


That's how much I was able to save using coupons at Target tonight!

After checking out this website and reading WAY too much info about coupons, I took the plunge and went shopping for my daughters birthday party. While I was at Target I stacked my coupons (that's official coupon lingo right there) and got some great deals on Country Crock Margarine Spread, Scrubbing Bubbles and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! They were all things I was out of and needed to replace anyway and now I am stocked for the month. Saving money is a good feeling.

One note about coupons though...

It is definitely easy to go overboard. Staying up late and checking out every new site, trying to figure out how many stores you can do this for... not that I've been doing that or anything (cough, cough)... it is definitely something you can get lost in!

So I'm going to try to stick to printing coupons from coupons.com and target.coupons.com once a week. In the meantime, if I'm really wondering if there is anything new out there going on, I can check Hip2Save's website quickly and let her do the work for me. After all, that is the whole reason the author has a couponing blog, is it not? Oh yes, and convincing the hubby to get a Sunday subscription to a newspaper may also be on the list of things to do to save more money.

I also have some hopes to one day add CVS to the list of stores I learn how to save at, but I am just not super confident in my ability to make the ECB (more coupon lingo) roll the right way to save money.

Right now though, I think it is important to be satisfied with a little bit of progress and to be content in taking baby steps to save my family money on food. As I alluded in an earlier post this week I am excited to try some new things to save money on grocery shopping very soon in addition to learning all about coupons. I will keep you posted! (punny, punny!)

As a side note, the lady in front of me at the check-out in Wal-Mart today saved A TON of money using Wal-Mart's price matching policy. She had tons of fliers in her hands and had to have a manager come approve everything. (Who knew so many stores had lower prices than Wal-Mart?) Then, she used coupons at the end of her transaction on top of the money she had already saved. I was in awe at her mad money-saving skills!

What have you been saving money on lately??


  1. Awesome!. I have really been trying my best to save. One of the biggest ways to save money for me is to only get what is on my list and quickly walk out! haha I would spend so much on stuff I "need" when I saw it! so walking through the store quickly with my head down! ;)

    1. Too funny Theresa! I agree that using a list is super helpful. :)