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Monday, March 19, 2012

Do You Coupon?

I never really have. In fact, when I have mentioned it, the hubby has declared it a waste of time. However, reading over at Little Bit Funky has peaked my interest. (Click over to Crystal's blog on the right.)

So today I started small. Super small. I went over to Coupons.com and browsed. I found a handful of coupons for my favorite items.

Country crock margarine
I can't believe it's not butter
Silk soymilk
Scrubbing Bubbles

I know that often times store brands are cheaper than brands + coupons, but for those few items that I prefer a specific brand for (like those mentioned above) a coupon is a nice thing to have!

I have been thinking about lots of ways to save on food lately, so I will be sharing them with you as I go. Coupons is one thought I have, but I plan to start (very) slowly.

So how about you...

Do you coupon? Where do you find coupons? Online? The newspaper? Blogs? I would love to hear about your sources!

P.S. Can anyone tell me what doubling your coupons really means? Does it mean you can have double the savings on one item? Or does it mean you can by many items using the same coupon? I have a lot of confusion in the coupon world!


  1. Hi Rachel! Neat to see you're blogging. I am a couponer and I LOVE it!! I do it on a small scale, but have had success. I mostly clip coupons from the newspaper. I do upload some to my store cards from the internet, but only when I remember to do that, which isn't often. I don't cut coupons for things I don't usually buy because then I find myself wanting to buy them only because I have a coupon, not because I need them. Good luck :) ~Kathryn

    1. Thanks Kathryn! ..."uploading to your store cards from the internet" I've never done that! Will have to check it out ;-)

  2. I love to coupon. The paper usually has the best coupons. I try to buy a cheaper Saturday paper. I used to get coupons from my neighbor who did not use his, but we moved away from him. Sometimes I write the company and ask for coupons. When I started, I made a list of my favorite brands and went to their websites. Now that I am trying to avoid processed foods and choose more organic foods, it is harder to coupon though. The tricky part is to avoid buying something just for the coupon. I find that keeping a small organizer with coupons sectioned in envelopes saves me time at the store. Matching coupons to sales is also great. Sometimes grocery stores will put coupons in their flyer for money off a certain amount of purchase. I also look for peelies everywhere at the store. Often small newsletters or magazines that are free at the front of the store will have coupons in them. Now I try to find coupons for everything-not just food. Anytime I make a purchase I check for a coupon code or a printable coupon on the company's website. I really liked a Afullcup.com when I started couponing. Best wishes.

    1. Wow Joy! You are full of good ideas! Thanks for sharing your couponing wisdom!

  3. We tried... and it just wasn't equitable. The time it took to coupon we could spend working and make far more money than we saved by couponing. Since we both have non-traditional jobs with very commission based work, I pretty much gave up on the idea!

    The only ones we really use are the ones for pizza places (and we rarely get pizza out - soooo much cheaper and healthier and tastier to make at home).