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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Holds Me Back

I hope the never-ending posts about cleaning aren't getting old to you... To be honest, it is therapeutic for me to process all of my difficulties about cleaning with you... so thanks for listening! Today I have a problem. Every room in my house is messy in some way (with the exception of my daughter's bedroom and the guest room). I have people coming over on Monday though and I have a lot to do before then! Also, I am tired of dealing with the big green messy monster. But where do I start??? Being so overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to do constantly paralyzes me.

A few minutes ago, I went over to Fly Lady's website and looked around for inspiration. Then I decided to make a plan. I wrote down all the days I have between now and Monday, then wrote down all the rooms in my house that need a good cleaning. My goal is to thoroughly clean one room per day, then keep it clean. After that, we'll see what else needs to be tackled.

Today I am going to tackle the kitchen. Melody is sleeping (hopefully for at least another hour), so my hope is to clean the entire kitchen before she wakes up... I'll be back later to update you how it goes... But the kitchen is all I need to do. After the kitchen, I can feel free to move on to other things- as long as I keep going till Monday cleaning one room per day.

Now, I blogged about it, so I have to do it! :)

Thanks for being my accountability again!

Love, Rachel

Update: Began to do some dishes in the kitchen and any little noise is waking my daughter up from her nap... grrr... Having such a light sleeping daughter can be very difficult in a small house... I will keep you posted though.

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