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Monday, October 14, 2013

Still here!

I'm still here!  We've just been a bit... well, um... busy at our house these days.

Let me just state (not complain- just state)... 1 preschooler, 1 special needs baby and twin babies is hard.  

I knew that life would be hard with four kids, and I fully anticipated that.  Let me also say, that my kids are a joy.  Sometimes I walk from kid to kid, rocking, nursing, feeding bottles and singing, rubbing backs and snuggling at bed time, and in between kids I think "that was such a sweet moment... *deep breath*... let me go find the other baby/kid that hasn't settled yet and have more of them!"  It is an intensely tired kind of enjoyment that lives over here in our tiny house.

Here's what we are up to in list form (it's all I have time for).

*Peanut is pretty much down to one nap.  However, he took a morning nap today, so I guess sometimes we are still doing two? Update: didn't fall asleep for the 2nd one- so I guess one it is :)

*Craig is pulling to stand and trying to cruise.

*Melody is in preschool and loving it.

*Melody officially has a peanut allergy complete with epi-pen.

*I feel like we are fighting a losing battle with the yeast infection/white flour (melody) and eczema (craig) issues... I sense the GAPS diet looming in our future in a couple of years.

*Not having time to cook food is keeping me from introducing baby led weaning... I gave bananas- I think Craig is allergic to them (rashy eczema got worse on face and fingers after eating them), so the babies are still pretty much always breastfed (except for the bottles they get a few times a week while I teach dance or deal with milk supply issues).

*I HEART breastfeeding twins. 

*We bought the kids redskins jerseys/onesies (and I got one too!)... but this is the stinkiest season on record (in our lifetimes as fans ;) ).  Good thing we don't have much time to watch.

*I am currently still listening to baby lullabies on pandora even though the kids are down for naps.  It is soothing :)

*Besides taking care of kids, I am teaching dance twice a week and helping to put on the Nutcracker show this fall.  Those two things are pretty much all I have time for.

*And going to church on Sunday.  Church has pretty much ROCKED lately.

*Confession: I am late to church EVERY Sunday, by a LOT.  Thank you to all the really nice ushers who help us find seats late in the game :)  Feeding 3 babies (one who is a slow special needs bottle eater), dressing 6 people and showering (sometimes) 2 of us takes time.  There is no changing this right now.  I am trying really hard not to feel guilty about it and just enjoy the church I am there for. 

*My parents visited this past week end and it was a breath of fresh air!

*I am out of time to type... I hear babies :)  Yay 15 minutes of bliss :)

Prayers appreciated :)

PS Someone told me they are praying for energy for me on Sunday (thank you!), anyone can feel free to pray for that.  And health.  We are needing some major prayer for health in our whole family over here if you are up for it.  Thank you in advance :)

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