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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Inspire Me! Monday: Getting your children to listen

Getting your children to listen.

Am I the only person who has a child who listens pretty well to others but suddenly has selective hearing when it's time to listen to Mommy or Daddy? 

Really?!   I AM the only one?!


It has been awhile since my last Inspire Me! Monday post, but I found this article online and wanted to put it somewhere that I couldn't lose it and also share it with others.

As a parent, I am constantly learning new things and searching for positive and encouraging ways to fulfill my role as a mommy.  I have read a lot of books lately and found a lot helpful information about how to work things out with my 3 year old as she becomes more and more independent, resourceful and opinionated about her activities and her time.  She is a sensitive, caring, perceptive, structure-loving (and I am not a structured mommy!) beautiful, wonderful girl.  Sometimes we are so different though (and sometimes we are so the same) that I need a little inspiration about how to navigate these young and formative years.

This article by Dr. Sears is one of the most helpful (and short!) articles I have read about speaking to your children and avoiding power struggles while still teaching your child to heed your voice!  I was excited to see there are a few things on the list that I already do (and that work!) and also to see that there were many new ideas that I can try! 

25 Ways to Talk so Children Will Listen

So what do you do to help your child become a better listener? 


PS- Yes I know that it is Sunday, I am just ahead for Monday! :)

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