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Monday, April 9, 2012

Inspire Me! Monday: Cleaning House


Just looking at that title "Cleaning House" gives me a bad taste in my mouth. Does it for you too?

Well, let's just take a deep breath together, shall we?

If the idea of "cleaning house" doesn't make you sick... well, say a prayer for those of us that it does! And be sure to add your tips in the comment sections.

I'll make my comments on cleaning house pretty succinct (I hope) since I have written a lot about this subject here at Common to Moms. I think it's a subject that's always on our minds though, since we always have to do it, right?

Again, let me start with this: I pretty much stink at keeping a house. BUT I am also stubborn. I am not giving up. I am working hard. I am praying hard. I read a lot and try new things. What I lack in consistency, I make up in creativity and some way or another, things get cleaned every-so-often... and that is the important part.

Since my last post, I have received all ten of the books I ordered for my birthday! So far the one pictured above - Absolutely Organized- is one that is really getting me excited about getting things under control in my home.

One of the things about being a right brained person is that I don't typically come up with a solution that makes total sense. Just because I organize something, make files or clean up doesn't mean that it is a solution I will keep coming back to. The solution might be pretty, but it doesn't mean it will function in the best way. This book, however, gives you choices, options and ideas for how to get things organized (from someone I am assuming is fairly Type A- but not judgmental in any way), and it is already making me think about some improvements I can make to my home to make things less chaotic.

I am realizing as I read this book and as I am doing my taxes this week, that getting organized to someone who has never really been organized before is a process. Little by little we will make systems for ourselves that we use. We will improve them until they work! (My taxes are getting easier since I make my systems for keeping tracks of things better every year!) Rome wasn't built in a day... but it was built. The process is what we cannot give up on. We have to keep working at things and enjoy them as we go, sharing ideas and encouraging one another on.

Here are some fun links to ideas and encouragement to help you (and me!) when it comes to keeping our homes in order.

What do you do to make cleaning fun and effective?

Happy Monday!

Love, Rachel


  1. Great post Rachel! I'm naturally organised, so it's interesting and inspiring to see how someone else manages to motivate herself and teach herself the necessary skills - well done, you!
    My housework routine has varied over the past few years depending on: age of kids (are they able to help independently, with me, or not at all?); term vs school holidays; and my health/capacity (pregnant, newborn daze, study, etc).
    Currently I do menu prep Sunday afternoons, food shopping and meal prep Mondays (love the freezer!), laundry and house cleaning Wednesdays and Saturdays. My older two have chores such as vacuuming their rooms and helping with kitchen cleanup, and my youngest is my side-kick.
    Tips that help me with house-cleaning: do a daily (or twice-daily) pick-up (and make the kids pick up their own messes); have a home or make a home for everything (or toss it out); clean the kitchen after meal prep (before eating) to minimize wash-up later; put laundry baskets in the bathroom and master bedroom; hang an indoor clothesline to peg up kid's artwork straight-away (ours is over the playroom window); vacuum the bathroom floor while doing the rest of the house, then clean the bathroom afterwards; and motivate myself to declutter, dust, and clean windows at least every couple of weeks.

    1. Thank you Penny for the encouragement and the great tips! I especially love the clothesline for kids artwork idea! I am sure that cuts down on a TON of clutter and makes the kids feel special that they have a specific place they can put their talent on display! :)