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Monday, October 17, 2011

Declutter List Part 1

For reasons that escape me, today I was able to think of things to declutter in my house. It's funny since sometimes I feel that we couldn't possibly get rid of anything and then suddenly this afternoon, the log jam broke free and I flooded a yellow legal pad with a list of all the things I want to get rid of. Now I have a list I can turn to when it is time to declutter something. Who knows? Maybe my list will inspire you to think of a few things you are ready to get rid of in your home! It is long, so I am splitting it up into two parts. Here is the first half.

Declutter List:
  • Linens- I only want two pairs per bed. One to wash and one to wear.
  • Lingerie Drawer- oh the things that will never fit me again from when we first got married that should not be taking up space in my bedroom...
  • Leotards- Now that I am teaching ballet again, I should only keep the ones that truly fit me now
  • Tshirts & Pajamas- my dear mother just bought me new pajamas, no need to keep old ones that are worn out!
  • Camisoles- just bought some new ones, so now I need to get rid of the ones I never wear!
  • Clothes in general- there are so many that do not fit any more and now they are also old... bye bye college wardrobe!
  • Box up Maternity clothes (I should really not be passing them off as regular apparel anymore)- put them in the attic!
  • Blankets- we have too many for all the beds in our house taking up valuable closet space
  • Decorative pillows- oh the decorative pillows we have lying around that don't go with our decor! We need to either use them as decor (by updating their covers) or get rid of them altogether!
  • Baby bottles- Melody has not bottle fed since around a year and yet still they sit taking up space in our cabinets.
Stay tuned for part two...

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