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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Sneaky Chef

If you have talked to me for very long about Melody, you may have heard me mention that my sweet little girl does not like fruit. I don't think I have ever seen a child turn up her nose at bananas the way she does! She loves vegetables (especially if they are in some kind of soup or sauce) but the texture of fruit makes her spit it out every time. Up till now I have been feeding her jars of baby food to make sure she gets some apples, bananas and berries in her (they are so good for you!), but recently she has been a little finicky about whether she will eat baby food. I feel like the clock is starting to tick on how much longer she will eat food that I have to spoon feed to her, so I have to figure out how to get this baby to eat some fruit!

One of my favorite books that my friend Suzie used to cook recipes from is "the Sneaky Chef". I don't have the book, but the whole concept is that you hide good-for-you-foods into the foods your child likes to eat. Here is where I had a proud moment of creativity yesterday. Melody LOVES cheese. Like she would eat nothing but cheese all day long. So I decided to cut up part of an apple into little minced pieces and put it in a grilled cheese sandwich- it worked! Meldoy finally got some apple into her that wasn't pureed! (I tried a bite of the sandwich and you couldn't taste the apple at all). I have to say I was proud of myself and started thinking about how I could add fruits into other foods (banana pankcakes anyone?). Any (easy) suggestions? :)

So who's dying to see more pics of Melody? :) Here are some of our summer highlights.

playing in the sprinklers with daddy

playing with spices in the cabinet

at the doctor's office for our first ear infection :(

My favorite summer outfit on Melody so far!

Celebrating Daddy's 28th Birthday at Chipotle!

What have you been doing this summer? How do you put good- for- you- foods into your baby's diet? Does your child get ear infections?

Miss you all!

Love, Rachel


  1. mmm...strawberry pancakes are very yummy. Unfortunately I have the opposite problem. My son loves fruit but not veggies. He's still on baby food for now though.

  2. Hi Rebecca! Strawberry pancakes are a good idea! I have done bananas, but will have to try strawberries too!

    Love, Rachel

  3. Melody is such a cutie! Miss her and you!!

  4. Thanks Britt! We miss you guys! Counting down till Thanksgiving:)

  5. Hey Rachel, does she like smoothies at all? She might find them too cold for her but she may drink them right up! Elena loves fruit smoothies.

  6. That's a good idea! I will try that and do an update post on other things I've tried. Thanks Autumn!