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Monday, June 6, 2011

Presto Chango!

And here are the dining room pics. I know most of you have seen the "new" dining room, but here is a before shot! Remember when it used to look like this?

And then while I was 5 or 6 months pregnant, I began major nesting-mode and painted this room "Belgian Waffle" (another olympic paint color I believe) and bought that $100 painting (talked them down from $130 or $160- yay haggling!) from the art store in the Roanoke Mall. Christian and I spent 3 hours of our lives installing that $60 light fixture we bought with a Lowe's gift card. Curtains are from Target, candle sconces are from Pier 1 ($20 ea), Table Cloth from Bed bath and Beyond (also $20) and the vase in the middle of the table was $6 at Ross. Excuse the Christmas cards in the foreground :)

This picture below is probably showing the most true to life color.

Changing the orientation of the table and chairs really increased the flow and allowed room for a high chair to go in the back right corner (not pictured).

And I almost forgot about those little stools I also found at Ross!! ($11.99 each). There is a second one under the other candle sconce and they serve as extra seating around our table when needed. I am proud to say that we once fit seven grown adults around that table at one time for several meals/days in a row (including me while I was pregnant). We can also pull the stools into the living room to use as seating or a place to put food while we watch TV.

Thanks for joining me on my tour of our tiny dining room! :)

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