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Sunday, January 13, 2013

31 weeks and couting...

7 weeks left to go...

This time is moving so slowly... Mostly because I am moving so slowly.

But I am trying to take the advice I have read about from others who have endured multiple pregnancy... Take things one day at a time.  Make it your goal to keep the babies cooking for one more week.  See your life in (very) small chunks of time.  This makes life feel more attainable.

So every day, I am trying to make a list of four things I need to do.  I can't do ten.   I can't do twenty.  But (usually) I can do four.

#1 is always "Take care of kids"
#2 is always "Go to appointment" if I have one
then I have a teeny bit of room left to tackle something productive... Small and productive. 

This way I don't feel stuck... since it is easy to feel stuck when your body is getting more uncomfortable all the time.  (I really can feel four little feet underneath my ribs... I swear Georgia has long toenails that keep scratching the inside of me when I breathe deeply!)

Anyway, so one little step at a time.  One moment and one task at a time.  Then a break.  Then eat.  Then do another task.  Then rest rest rest. 

Just focusing on today...


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